VidMate 2000 Old Version

Nowadays, among the demanding apps is such an app that can download videos from different websites. Because such kind of application is rare to be found. VidMate 2000 is one of those rare apps, but of course, it’s the most popular one. This is because VidMate has been doing a splendid job over the years in serving its purposes properly.

With the development of technology, Vidmate was updated many times. However, among all the Vidmate apps, the 2000 old version is considered as best. Therefore, many look for it on the internet. If you are one of them, you have landed on the right track.

Because we are going to help you with the Vidmate old version 2000 download install for Android and will tell you about the application in detail. So, without further talking, let’s dive in.

What is VidMate Old Version 2000?

Vidmate is mainly a video downloading application. It gives you access to enter on legal, social websites and allows you to download any videos from there. For example, you can browse Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and similar websites while downloading a load of videos. Although it’s not the only function of Vidmate, it lets you enjoy online movies and games.

You can see Hollywood, Bollywood blockbuster movies, and hit series. It is also beneficial for offline uses. It lets users play offline popular games like bike racing, candy crushing, fruit cutting, and more. Vidmate always guarantees the safety of your device, hence relaxing and getting the Vidmate 2000 version installed soon. Vidmate has gone through multiple updates, but the users claim the 2000 version to be the best.

It’s the old version yet works smoother than the latest one. For the old version’s outstanding performance, people quite the time prefer to have it.

What are the benefits of downloading the Vidmate 2000 app?

Why should you use Vidmate? First, of course, because it can benefit you in some ways. We have mentioned down the benefits you can gain using Vidmate.

High-Speed Download:
The best part of using a Vidmate is, you are going to enjoy high-speed download. The file size you are downloading can be either big or small, but the downloading speed will always be super fast.

Honestly, downloading a movie worth 2 GB takes at least 5 minutes to at most 10 minutes with Vidmate, although it also depends a lot on the smoothness of your WiFi connection. If your WiFi has no issues, the download speed will always be faster than other apps.

Supports all Multi-Media Sites:
Vidmate supports all the multi-media sites. Hence you can download from any of the sites any time you want. So download your favorite animated videos, video podcasts, audio slideshows.

Virus & Malware Safe:
You can, without worrying, use Vidmate on your Android since it’s safe. It ensures no virus enters your device. Moreover, Vidmate doesn’t add any sites that can bring viruses to your smartphone. For its high-security safety, Vidmate has been the first choice as the world’s best video downloader.

Always Free:
While Vidmate provides its users with a good number of different entertainment, it doesn’t cost a penny. Even downloading the app is 100% free from the first day of Vidmate’s journey. After that, it’s always free to download and operate.

Watch Live TV in HD Quality:
Vidmate has the option to watch live TV. But fortunately, the quality of all the live TV it offers is in high definition. Meaning you can enjoy the crystal clear views of anything you are watching on the Vidmate live TV.

How to Download and Install VidMate 2000?

Downloading any of the versions of Vidmate is effortless on Android. The only thing you should do for downloading the Vidmate 2000 old version app is to find a safe website that offers the downloading link of the 2000 version Vidmate; click on the given link.

Agree to download, install the app when the download is finished. Then, finally, use it on your smartphone happily.


Download VidMate 2000 is a best friend for those who love to spend most of their time watching various videos from different websites. It eats a bit of your phone’s space but gives you the chance to download videos that you desire.

Since the old version of Vidmate is best far now, and you know how to Vidmate old version 2000 download install for Android, install it today and enjoy all its valuable services for free.