VidMate Download 2018

VidMate Download 2018 Install Old Version

You’re probably looking for a post about VidMate download 2018 because this version is still popular among most people, don’t worry. In this post, we’ll cover everything!

Since the VidMate team didn’t launch any of their app’s versions to the google play store, it might be tough to find VidMate 2018. Moreover, you’re looking for the VidMate old version 2018 instead of the latest version!

Read the complete article to get an idea about the VidMate 2018 download old version, and finally, we’ll share the downloadable link at the bottom of the page, where you can download the Apk.


VidMate App Download Install New Version 2018

The old version Vidmate is a prevalent version of one time, which does not mean that the popularity has declined. Still, in 2021, many people are using the app and feel comfortable with the old version.

VidMate officially released its 3.41 version in march 2018 and added many options and features to make the app more useful and fast. The app is always known as one of the best HD video downloaders for every android user.

Due to its countless options, users always share the app with their friends and family members, which VidMate gets favored quickly. Moreover, you will not see any app that can be compared to VidMate.


Why Do People Download Videos Using VidMate apps 2018 Too?

The simple cut-out answer to this question is that VidMate apps 2018 offers the best facilities for downloading all kinds of videos in a single place. Another reason is the user can select their preferred video quality. For example, suppose you want to download a video, and you’re using your phone memory only that doesn’t have enough space,

And since the HD quality will consume more space, you can alternatively select a low quality while downloading the video, which will save a lot of space. Users can also pause, resume, and delete the video from their download page, giving users more control over their download.


VidMate Versus Other Downloaders 2018 VidMate:-

As we know, we can find a considerable number of people who always like VidMate and call it better than others. But when you seriously want to compare the app with others, what will you see? Let’s see! Apps like JDownloader and uGet are primarily trying to kill VidMate, and however, in reality, they might not be successful because VidMate already has millions of users.

Moreover, JDownloader is not free. To download something from the app, you’ll have to pay $$. And the user interface is not as clean as VidMate. There are not enough features that users can use. In a word, features are limited in JDownloader. uGet, we agree this app is good but not a perfect solution for multiple things. This app only allows downloading, not anything more.

On the other hand, VidMate has many features and benefits that can meet all your needs. From download to watch, the app will cover everything smoothly for free!

Can I Use VidMate 2018 on a PC or Laptop?

According to the VidMate official site, it is clearly said that VidMate has not published an iOS or Windows version. But if you want to install the app on your computer, what’s the solution?

The only way to install the app on your PC is by installing an Android Emulator, this kind of software used for creating a virtual Android system on a pc, and then it lets users install Android apps. You can use Bluestacks.

Do you want to download HD videos using VidMate 2018 on a PC or Laptop? Okay, no problem. You can follow our website page link VidMate Movies For PC Or PC VidMate Download 2018.


How to Download & Install Vidmate 2018 HD:-

Downloading the app is a matter of a few moments. All you need to do is go to the button on the page and find the download link button VidMate डाउनलोड 2018. Once your download is complete, install it and enjoy!

Very easily and Quickly, the VidMate app 2018 downloads YouTube music and Facebook, Instagram, SnackVideo, Tiktok HD videos… Old VidMate download 2018.



Here in this VidMate Download 2018 Install Old Version guide, we have just tried to highlight some of the valuable features of the VidMate 2018 19 apk, and if you want to start using the app, this guide will help you!