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Undoubtedly, VidMate is the king of all the video downloader apps and one of the best free-to-use multi-purpose apps for only android devices.

If you are interested in trying the application once, this entire post can help you discover more about the app, and also, after reading this blog, you’ll be able to know what you can do with the app and what not!

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Let’s begin!

Free Online 4k Video Downloader App for Android

VidMate is one of these apps that got massive popularity in a short time. Of course, it’s a result of hard work. The tagline of the app is “Free/Fast/Simple” video downloader for android users. But the critical issue for this app is it’s not verified by Google and is not available in the Play Store, and this is why most people don’t want to believe the app easily.

However, VidMate has been surviving in the market for a long time, and they are providing the best service, and still, they don’t have any data hacking reports. People always say that VidMate is an all-rounder for downloading videos from multiple sources. You can download videos from youtube, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and also TikTok.


VidMate for Online Video Downloader

Downloading videos online nowadays is essential for those who consistently don’t have wifi or a net connection, and when people talk about this topic, VidMate comes first.

The developers made the app so that users can use the app to download videos from all the sites that support media. For example, you can download videos from the following areas:


VidMate for Youtube Video Downloader

VidMate Youtube video downloader apps. Youtube is the largest video-sharing platform that you can use via their website and mobile app. But when you want to download videos from there, you can download the video, but the problem is you’ll not be able to find the tape in your file. You have to watch the downloaded videos from youtube!

It’s a hassle. VidMate offers a great way to download any videos available on youtube. And you can watch, delete the tape from your file manager and even share the video with your friends, and there’s no limitation.

You can also download an audio format for a particular video. In addition to this, VidMate also enables their users to batch download youtube videos at a time with a single click! This will save you time.


VidMate for Pinterest Video Download

VidMate is an APK app that allows users to download different music and videos. It helps capture content from various sites like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Dailymotion, Soundcloud, etc. This app also allows users to download videos from Pinterest. It is a straightforward way.


VidMate for Facebook Video Downloader

Facebook now has many users for its post status sharing feature and its video sharing options. So sometimes, you may have to download videos from there.
VidMate also makes it easy for users to download videos from Facebook, but to download anything from FB, first, you have to open your VidMate app and be required to log into your Facebook account.

The second step is to search for a video and open a video, and then you’ll notice a download icon on the right side of the video. Just click on the button and start downloading!


VidMate for Instagram Video Downloader

Downloading videos from Instagram is a matter of time, and you can do that by following some basic steps. First, open your Instagram account and select the video you want to download.

But always make sure that you open the right video with the correct URL, copy the URL from there and paste it into your VidMate app. Once you paste the address, The app will let you download the video!


VidMate for Twitter Video Downloader

You can follow so many ways to download videos from Twitter, but we share the easiest way.

Log into your account and open the video you want to save to your mobile, but make sure the URL is accurate. And then copy the URL and paste it into the VidMate app. The app will generate a downloadable option that you can see on the right side of the app, click on it, and boom!


VidMate for TikTok Video Downloader

All the processes of downloading videos on VidMate from different sites are the same, and TikTok is not exceptional. Just open a video and copy the URL of the video and paste it into VidMate, and download.


Why Use VidMate?

There are hundreds of reasons why people always free the app and use it for their daily needs. However, the significant reason is the easy download option.

There is no app with which this app can be directly compared. VidMate is the best for multiple things such as downloading videos, games, apps, watching HD content, browsing the internet, using social media.

In addition to doing these, you can also download thousands of high-quality pictures without reducing the picture quality for free of cost!

There are over 1000+ sites that support the app, meaning these sites are approved by VidMate officially, and you can visit these sites without facing any additional issues.


The Features of the VidMate Android App:

Full HD Videos: The app supports high-resolution downloading videos in full HD quality. That’s not the end, and you can also select your preferred quality like 144p, 480p, 720p, 1080p.

Fast Downloading: This app has revolutionized the world of fast video downloads. Due to its advanced technology and expert IT team, you’ll enjoy up to 200% faster downloading experience, which is enormous!

Clean interface: because of the straightforward interface, users can navigate the app quite easily!

Live TV Show: If you love Live TV shows from live streaming platforms, you may always prefer the app. There are more than 200+ TV channels that you can watch for free of cost!

Edit Videos: Users can edit their own or downloaded video using the built-in video editing features. There are so many live effects available to use in a video, and all of these things are free!

Multi-Tasking: Use the app for more than one job, watch videos, download, internet browsing, and so on!

Offline Share: You can share your downloaded videos with your friends or family members. Besides, you can watch videos when you’re out of internet access!

Secure: VidMate pays more attention to their user’s data and protects them as rapidly as they can!

VidMate is an all-time popular and free video downloader app for android, but if you don’t know how to download a video from there, you may need to follow our guide!