VidMate 2015 Old Version Free Download For Android

VidMate edits the activities of their significant updates every year, and their 2015 update was crucial because they added many features to the application in this update. Although the latest version contains more features and benefits, some people like you still love the VidMate 2015 app download old version.

So if you’re looking for a post on VidMate Old Version 2015 Free Download, you can trust this page to get your suitable answer and download the app!

VidMate App Download & Install Old Version 2015

VidMate Download 2015 – VidMate 2015 Download

VidMate 2015 was a significant update that is right now much popular. This special version is the father of the previous version of VidMate, and At that time, this version was well received in the market.

VidMate download 2015 might be one of your ideal applications for downloading endless videos and storing them into your local memory for later watching. Like other previous versions, users can watch their videos without accessing the internet connection.

We’ll recommend you download all your favorite videos from the app when you have a robust net connection to watch them later.

VidMate New Version 2015 Download

What are the features of VidMate App 2015?

Features are limitless compared to the previous versions. The critical feature of VidMate 2015 is the Live TV shows. You can watch all the live TV shows for free of cost. Another great thing about the app is its file size, comparatively lightweight, and this is the only reason why most people love the app because users can download it and install it on their mobile.

Why choose VidMate Apk 2015?

Stylish, user-friendly interface: The VidMate team believes that users will be happy to use the app to offer a clean and Stylish, user-friendly interface in their app. With this in mind, they tried their best to improve the overall design that was added to their version 2015. They have succeeded. Their huge improvement is remarkable.

Petite size: If you’re using such an android phone that doesn’t support a high-sized application and are interested in using the VidMate 2015, you’re welcome. The app will run on your phone like a flying bird.

Multiple downloads: You can download videos from YouTube, but you can download videos from multiple video publishing platforms. And you can also download applications and games!

Enjoy live TV shows: in their 2015 update, they have presented a great feature that you can use to watch live TV shows from multiple live streaming sources.

Supports 100+ websites: More than 100+ websites allowed by VidMate as their partner application, and as a user, you’ll get benefits 🙂

VidMate 2015 Apk Download

VidMate App Download Old Version 2015

At the end of the article on VidMate Old Version 2015 Free Download, we tell you that you should only download the app if you don’t have a wifi connection or unlimited internet. Because nowadays, wifi lines are available in most places and you may not want to download videos, you’ll love to watch them directly from your phone or computer.