VidMate App 2017

VidMate App 2017: Download Install Old Version

VidMate 2017 is a free HD video download supported user-friendly mobile app available on the internet. The first version of VidMate was 1.65, and the time was 2013. They have added a lot of controls and features to their app day by day. If you’re looking for a lightweight android app that can be used for downloading videos, audio, images without any additional hassle, VidMate Apk will be the best option for you.

Although the app is now available in intelligent looks and functionality, if your phone is not strong and good enough to handle this type of application, we recommend you use its 2017 version. Of course, a lot of reasons will be shared in the article. Till then, stay tuned to the page to discover more about the VidMate 2017 old version. If you want to get VidMate Apk 2017 then you can download VidMate 2017 install Old Version here.


Download HD Videos with the Vidmate 2017 Apk

As a free application, downloading HD videos from the app is one of the most significant features for the users. Although you can notice different video formats, if you would like to download only HP content, you’ll only have the option if the video supports HD quality.

In addition to this, if you want to watch the same video in HD quality directly from the app, you can also do that, but this will require a high-speed net connection. VidMate Download 2017 old version is the best HD video downloader.


The lightweight and simple-to-use features make the VidMate 2017 ApK more convenient to use for their users, so if you love a simple and easy-to-use video download supported app, you might be one of them who love the app a lot!


Why Download Vidmate App 2017?

Because you want peace and would like to use such an app that lets you do multiple things at once. And for this, There are no alternative options that you can believe! However, we always say that nothing is safe. When you use the app, you should use a VPN to ensure your privacy is protected from the internet.


Features of VidMate Old Version 2017

VidMate Old Version 2017 was designed with some great functionalities. Their AI system is noticeable, and this is the prominent feature of that version. In their 2017 version, they focused more on Live TV shows. A lot of options can be found when you open the app. You can also find some different sections that will show you different kinds of entertainment.

The sections are:

  • Trending Videos: in that section, you’ll frequently notice some of the most popular videos currently trending on the internet—no need to search them dedicatedly. The system will automatically show you!
  • Trending Music: from that section, you’ll be able to access all the trending Music. But that’s not the end, and if you want to listen to the Music later, you can download them in an MP3 format.
  • Trending TV Show: if you’re not comfortable watching TV, you can only watch the TV shows on your mobile phone using the VidMate app. You can also download TV shows from Netflix!

Don’t want to miss your local contents that are popular? You may love another remarkable feature called Custom Content-Location. You can simply set your location. VidMate 2017 download will show you the popular content according to your area.

Under every single video, you’ll see like and dislike options, and users can use the options to send their feedback. You can also comment and reply to comments there to send your opinion about the video.

The app also acts as a video player, and it works perfectly without internet access, so when you’re offline, you can watch your downloaded video with the player’s help.

Downalong the VidMate app, especially their 2017 version, it would be great to experience something advanced! So download it and enjoy!